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    Energy Reduction System - E-Box-5-KW-19-AMP-Single-Phase

    Single Phase/AC/90V-265V/50HZ/60HZ

    Working Temperature:-40° to +70°
    IP Level:IP43
    Panel Designed:Stainless Steel
    LCD Display:Power Factor/Current/Voltage/Saving Percentage Of Amp
    LED Display:Compensation Working Status
    Software:Micro Intelligent Inspection&Compensation
    Power Compensation Status:64Kinds
    Control Method:RTOS Embedded
    Controller:High-Tech Software Controlled
    Related Technology:VFD/PID Controlling
    CT Outside:Choice from customer
    Amp Saving Rate:10% to 30%


    1.Automatically monitor the load by current sensor
    2.Intelligent compensation according to the needs of the electricity system
    3.Exclusive smart software.
    4.LCD display to show the U/I/PF/S.
    5.Over current/voltage/temperature protection mode.
    6.CT installation without needing any orientation.

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    1). We do handle export documents.
    2). Export packing available.
    3). MTRs / MSDS / Legalization / and other export related services are available.
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