Micro-Grid Solution

Reducing Energy Costs

In remote areas with no – or a weak – link to the grid, power supply based on renewable energy is often already a commercially attractive alternative to conventional generators.

Breaking the dependence on the generator

Many remote areas are well-suited for wind and sun-based power generation. However, there is an important technological challenge: Current fossil-fuel-based systems limit the maximum share of renewables to as little as 15 to 30 percent annually. That’s because most of these micro-grids rely on Diesel or other generators to keep voltage and frequency within safe bands.

Our renewable energy systems break this technical dependence. Using proven battery technology and advanced, intelligent inverters we can integrate up to 100 percent renewable energy sources into existing grids.

More efficiency on all levels

Our system realizes economic, but also ecologic, technical and social benefits for our clients:

  • Lower generation costs

  • Less dependence on fuel imports

  • Higher quality and reliability of electricity supply

  • Higher share of renewables

  • Decreased environmental pollution