Saft Li-ion energy storage smooths grid integration for Acciona Energia’s large PV power plant

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Saft Li-ion energy storage smooths grid integration for Acciona Energia’s large PV power plant
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With increasing contributions of renewables in the power generation mix, it is critical to improve the electrical behavior of renewable power plants. Saft’s containerized solutions and the high energy efficiency and reliability of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are ideal when it comes to addressing environmental constraints of field deployment. Additionally, Saft’s knowledge in designing, manufacturing and controlling large energy storage systems (ESS) is key for Acciona Energia to reach its goals. Saft and Acciona Energia joined forces in a three-year Eurogia+ European framework program to support clean energy technologies, specifically aimed at improving the viability of photovoltaic and other renewable energy power plants. Acciona Energia aims to be at the forefront of new developments in electric power systems. This comes as they evolve from centralized generation toward a more decentralized format in terms of generation, distribution and supply. Acciona Energia anticipates that future grids, in addition to incorporating increasing levels of intermittent renewable energy resources, must also include ESS and active demand management. 


The Innovative Li-ion System (ILIS) project demonstrates the technical and financial benefits of using containerized energy storage, conversion and management systems to provide grid ancillary services and power management to smooth plant output. Saft deployed a turnkey Intensium® Max ESS with Li-ion storage technology characterized by long life, high energy-efficiency and zero maintenance. The ESS is rated for 730V, 1MW and 560kWh energy storage capacity. Its adaptability allows for easy scaling as operational needs change, and has a control and communication interface with main plant control center. ILIS investigates intelligent centralized management and control solutions based on parameters such as meteorological data and electricity pricing. The system sends real-time information to the grid operator, which optimizes the plant’s integration within the wider power network.


With Saft’s ESS advanced control system in place and connected to the grid, Acciona Energia can now control and manage its Tudela photovoltaic (PV) generation plant from its worldwide control center in Sarriguren. Saft’s technology contributes to numerous operational benefits, including better integration of renewables into the grid, improved grid stability and higher backup power security. Increased profitability of clean energy infrastructure and reduced overall cost of energy also are a result of Saft’s technology.

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