24 Hour Solar Power Generation

Understanding The Technology

Patented and Patent Pending Technologies have been combined to generate clean, green, renewable electricity 24/7/365.

We have protected the Intellectual Property (IP) with layers of use patents, copyrights and other IP. The software is burned into the chips which eliminates the risk of reverse engineering. All units are GPS equipped with licensing agreements for installation at a specified location. Location modification is allowed under the licensing agreement with notification. Any attempts to tamper with the equipment will destroy the equipment and void any warranties.

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How it Works?

  1. Solar Panels are used to qualify for Incentives. Solar Panels can be replaced with natural Wind Turbines if wind incentives are preferred. Neither are needed for exports that do not have government incentives.

  2. Lithium Ion Battery Brick with patented Serial and Parallel wiring to Charge and Discharge constantly are used to provide a reliable source of power to power our patented motors and induction coils.  Because we operate the batteries at 100% charge we don’t use the 5,000 charge/discharge life cycle.  Therefore, the batteries will have a useful life of 20.9 years.

  3. Ultra-high efficiency turbines used to turn the shaft that turns the synchronous AC generators.  These turbines consume NO Carbon Fuels.

  4. The Power Torque Transfer Turbine transfers maximum Force with less energy which turn the generators.

  5. Patented Star Motor creates maximum horsepower using a gated flux with our permanent magnet, bifurcated stator that is able to redirect the back EMF for greater efficiency and reduced resistance.  The N50 neodymium magnets are some of the strongest in the world and have a useful life of over 100 years.  

  6. In the utility scale 24 Hours PG models we use steam turbines to increase efficiency.  We generate the steam with the 24 Hours generated electricity using patent pending high frequency induction.

  7. High Efficiency Synchronous AC Generators are used in the 24 Hours PG for greater durability and reliability. We use electronic controllers to maximize efficiency and maintain a constant RPM. 

  8. Power Q – controls the power quality output to sync with the grid and maintain proper harmonics. Each system is configured with the right voltage and Hz to connect to the grid without any power surges that could damage equipment.

  9. GPS monitoring. Each unit is licensed for a location and is continuously monitored so that all controls and software are tamper proof.

Domestic US Markets

24 Hours  Power Station is marketed through independent solar and electrical contractors in the United States.

Each 24 Hours Power Station unit in installed in the US with 3 solar panels so that it qualifies for the renewable energy incentives.


  • 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is available
  • Accelerated Depreciation
    • 1 year Federal depreciation under Sec. 179 up to $2,500,000
    • 5 Year MACRS – Federal and State depreciation
  • Utility Rebates depending on local utility availability, regulations and restrictions.
  • Net Metering (depending on local utility)
  • Sale of Excess Generation (depending on local utility)
  • Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) may be available depending on local utility availability,
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) are traded in some state markets. One SREC equals 1000 kWh annually.

The 24 Hours Power Station generates:


Rated Demand

Min. Rated Annual kWh Annually

Max. Rated Annual kWh Annually

60 kW
420 kW
2 MW
6 MW
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There is a global shortage of affordable green energy. China is building 250 MW coal plants every month that is inflicting tremendous damage to the environment. Japan has shut down all nuclear power plants after the earthquake and tsunami. India suffers blackouts daily. The developing world in South America, Africa and Asia needs energy to expand and grow their economies. Current fossil fuel and nuclear energy comes at too high of a cost, both financially and ecologically.

The 24 Hours Power Station solves the world’s energy needs with clear green energy!  Solar Panels are not needed for export products.  Enough batteries are included to get the units started.  Solar panels are only added if there is a need to qualify for government incentives or rebates.

We can make any property energy independent. We can cluster multiple units to create mini-grids. We can produce Distributed Generation that does not place stress on the existing grid and saves transportation costs.

A 40’ sea container will fit the following:

60 kW units / Hi-Cube Container (only) / 7 Units

A 20’ sea container will fit the following:

60 kW units / Hi-Cube Container (only) / 3 Units

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The following is a list of benefits that come when using our unique Power Generation System…

  • We offer’s the world’s first continuous self-sustaining solution – a technology that outperforms any commercial green energy solution currently available on the market.

  • No fuel needed, no pollution, no waste and do not consume water or any other natural element.

  • Stand-Alone Power Plant for Pure Sine Wave Power with Capability of Parallel Operation with On or Off Grid Connection.

  • Provides Prime / Base Load of Continual Power 24/7-365; Ideally as Prime / Peak Surge Power Plant.

  • Usable to inject Grid Frequency (Components Certified for grid interception, and for sensitive equipment).

  • Produces virtually no noise or vibration during operation of the Power Generators System.

  • Compact and modular size with a lightweight design to make it easy to deploy in any location, with a small foot print 20 feet long by 8 feet wide.

  • We assist the clients to determine the right size of units for their needs through a free power audit and or primary power study evaluation.

  • We assist the clients to offer the most economical solution based on their power demand and consumption profile, and provide a cost benefit analysis that makes it easy to see the economic benefits.

  • The clients can instantly lower their monthly electric expense with the implementation of the “Power Factor Technology” in conjunction with the Power Generation System without costly construction and building modifications.

  • “Extended Warranty” 25 (additional) Years of Warranty for the customer, we cover all “bumper to bumper” parts and supplies, plus the operating, maintenance and monitoring service for a monthly cost.

  • Performance Bond is available: Power units are guarantee to deliver the continual amount and insure by independent insurance companies with a strong financial arm.

  • Fully licensed and bonded the delivery an installation. Experience trained and certified electrical engineers and general contractors perform the interconnection installation.

  • The clients can enjoy the same price for the extended warranty throughout the duration of the initial contract, and then beyond for an additional 25 years.

  • If the client expands the operation overtime beyond the capacity of the deployed units, just request additional capacity and we will deliver additional units to meet your growing needs.

  • Redundancy built in the units; each Power Generation System has backup motors already installed and automatically switches between the units if one goes down.

  • The remote monitoring of the unit’s performance can have the service technicians on site before the problem start, to repaired or if necessary a full replacement performed with minimal disruption.